We strive to adopt the latest technologies and methods for reducing our consumption of water and electricity.

Our office is outfitted with low-flow faucets and commodes.

Bulbs are energy efficient.

We bring our own reusable cups to work.

We participate in virtual offices whenever possible.


Refusing, reducing, reusing, and recycling, go hand-in-hand with renewable energy. Earth is relying on us to make better decisions, and we take pride in reducing the footprints we leave behind.

We actively recycle paper, plastic, glass, cardboard, and printer ink in the office as well as in our homes.


We think that small businesses are a cornerstone of a happy society. We enjoy walking to and patronizing local businesses for food, services, and products in Lee County.


As part of our commitment to people and planet, we pledge to donate at least 2.5% of net profits, per year, to a variety of charities, organizations, coalitions, and foundations that we believe will help achieve our vision of a greener and cleaner future.

Each year, employees are encouraged to select one environmentally or sustainably focused charity/organization/foundation/coalition, per person, to which REAP will donate on their behalf.


Although our facility is unable to install solar panels on the roof, due to age and being located in the historic district, we still want access to clean energy. We’re grateful for the opportunity to buy RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates) from NC Green Power. Each month, we purchase RECs which offset our carbon emissions by 100%.


Our commitment to the environment is demonstrated in everything we do: at home, in the office, and out in the field. As we achieve heightened consciousness regarding our effect on our planet, we will intently work toward reducing that impact. Our goal is to reduce the amount of dirty energy used to power our lives by spreading awareness and implementing renewable energy projects. This strategy will make the world a better place by improving the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the lives we live.

Our actions in the office and out are meant to accomplish holistic progression toward a greener, cleaner, and brighter future. Join us in making our vision a reality.